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I have been a fertility specialist for most of my acupuncture career, and I have helped hundreds of women achieve pregnancy which yes, includes male fertility issues too! Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve already tried IVF and failed, acupuncture can help. After many years of overwork, I now have a boutique acupuncture practice where I have the time to help you deeply understand your lab reports and unique fertility challenges. Together, we then address specific issues as part of a whole-health approach. The fertility acupuncture niche has been one of my passions for over two decades. I never stop wanting to learn the latest and constantly seek new ways to improve patient outcomes from pre-conception to delivery. 

I have seen so many women get pregnant with a previous diagnosis of infertility and each case brings me as much joy as the first. This is not easy work — it’s always emotional and many times seems mysterious at first glance. This is where my 23 years of experience comes in — the diagnosis must be just right. The treatment — acupuncture, herbs, supplementation, and nutrition — must be tailored exactly to your needs for it to work. Once we get that, your mama mojo can flourish and we’re moving closer to building your family!