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Dr. Susan Fox is committed to supporting you in realizing your dream of family.  Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with functional medicine (lab testing and/or review, and supplement prescriptions or recommendations), she helps identify your unique TCM diagnosis and develops a treatment plan to achieve your goals for whole health and reproductive health.  With more than 20 years’ experience, she is a board-certified Fellow of The Acupuncture & TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine (

To serve clients who may be unable to meet in her private practice Susan created an online course for fertility preparation, Your Fertile Health, (   This course covers the 3-month timeframe from primordial follicle to ovulation.  Your Fertile Health educates on the 4 pillars of health and fertility, including mind-body meditations, and includes therapies shown in current scientific research to improve egg quality and endometrial receptivity.  The course combines asynchronous learning with 1;1 video-consultations to empower her journey to pregnancy, whether trying to conceive naturally or undertaking advanced reproductive therapy such as IUI or IVF.

Dr. Susan has helped hundreds of women enjoy a healthy pregnancy and postpartum, and she looks forward to doing the same for you.