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With a doctorate in Women’s Health and Pain Management (DAOM), which is the highest level of education accredited in the United States (akin to a PhD), Dr. Rozenn is honored to bring you the highest quality of specialized care. Dr. Rozenn was the first female DAOM to become a board certified fertility acupuncturist in the country! She is a doctoral professor, researcher and well-known practitioner who is passionate about helping people build families. At her fingertips are ancient diagnostics/techniques in addition to Western testing, including imaging and laboratory testing to help you make the best decisions. Dr. Rozenn works with men and women at each part of their fertility journey.

She loves working with men, women, non-binary single and couples seeking to build their families. She appreciates working with LGBTQ+ patients, helping them face their unique challenges to family building, and enabling them to create the family of their dreams.

Utilizing Japanese acupuncture, Classical Chinese medicine, functional medicine, and an appreciation of allopathic medicine and researched-based protocols for IVF and IUI, Dr. Rozenn has helped countless people achieve their desired family goals for over two decades.