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the root & the branch: a center for acupuncture & holistic health   At the root & the branch, we strive to support our clients by providing the highest quality holistic, complementary and integrative care within a warm and nurturing environment. As skilled acupuncturists and health professionals, we trust that it is within a healing space like ours that the seeds of change are planted and can grow. We utilize acupuncture for the treatment of fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health concerns.  Other commonly treated health issues include: anxiety & depression, headache & migraine, insomnia, pain and more. We will also assess nutrition and lifestyle to help our clients get the most out of working with us.  In doing so we may recommend herbs and supplements to further optimize and customize care. We offer a complimentary phone consult so that you take speak with a practitioner before booking your initial appointment. Or, if you’re ready to book, take a look at our schedule here.