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Lokahi Acupuncture Lokahi, meaning “unity, or to be expressed in harmony” was founded in 2003 by Anna Rudel, L. Ac. The clinic has grown into the largest collaborative practice of its kind in the area. Our motto is “Experience, Compassion and Collaboration”. We utilize the experience and skill set of each member of the team, meeting regularly to collaborate on the best strategy for our patients. Anna Rudel has found her professional passion in working with fertility and women’s health. In her practice, she works with both men and women to help resolve fertility issues, and frequently works with IVF, IUI, ICSI and other protocols that aid fertility. Anna has had extensive training in IVF and has spent hands-on time with fertility specialists where she has been able to observe egg-retrieval, ICSI, PGS and egg transfer. With this unique insight she is able to help her patients navigate the confusing world of fertility treatments offering a common-sense approach. She also works with women to help transition smoothly through menopause, helps with menstrual issues and other hormonal problems.